There is much which is unknown in regards to the prevention of contracting the virus.  The following Q & A's are provided for the purposes of interpretation of any club rules or recommendations in regards to safe play.  

Q1. If I am in a high risk category, can I still become a member and play in the club?

A1. Yes, the club will not prevent you from becoming a member whether or not you fall in the high risk category.  We simply alert you that as a high risk individual you may be at greater risk 

Q3. I would like to play as a guest to determine if I want to join the club this year, is that available?

A3. While the club does have a guest process and guest rules which apply, at this time, the club has made a decision not to allow guests or visitors as part of our COVID-19 restrictions.

Q2. Do I have to wear a glove or use uniquely marked balls?

A2. Tennis Canada has made recommendations for safe play.  The wearing of a glove, the use of uniquely identifiable balls contribute but do not guarantee

Q4. I have a guest pass from last year and was planning to give it to a friend to come to the club.  Is the guest pass still valid?

A4. While the guest pass remains valid, at this time the club has implemented a COVID-19 restriction not to allow guests or visitors.  As restrictions are eased by our Regional Health Department we will consider allowing guests/visitors.