What is Junior Progressive Tennis?

Progressive Tennis introduces the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive manner allowing players to develop at their own speed.  Using modified equipment and modified court sizes, players progress through various levels of skills and techniques.  Players may remain at each level until the skill is acquired to move to the next level.  

RED BALL - Ages 6-7

Oversized or sponge ball (Beginner) is used in a 1/2 Court area.  The ball is easier to visually track, receive and control as it is much slower and bounces lower.  Lessons are geared to development of good biomechanics.

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ORANGE BALL - Ages 8-9

Tennis basics are taught using  3/4 court area and a low compression ball.

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GREEN BALL - Ages 10-12

Introduction to basic technique and ball control using a full size court and a higher compression ball than that used for orange.

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TEEN TENNIS - Ages 13-15

Using regulation nets, balls and court size, players work through a number of drills aimed at the use of spins and slices as well as strategy.