Peterborough Pulse was another fantastic success thanks to the great weather, the Ontario Tennis Association for the Smash Cage and to our member volunteers who donated their time.

The enthusiasm of our volunteers continue to shine and represent our club well.  A great big thanks to the following volunteers who were instrumental in making this such a success:

  • Rachel Bronson
  • Patricia Smith
  • Elaine Telfer
  • Kathryn Schmidt
  • Linda Wilson
  • Ed Salahub
  • Jim Sutcliff
  • Robert Clark
  • Jake Bronson
  • Sam Bronson
  • Forge Hamu

Our booth offered a one-hour free lesson with our Pros.  We signed up 16 people to come out and try tennis.  A lesson will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday for these folks.  We will monitor to see if this attracts new members to our club.