Volunteer Policy 

CURRENTLY POSTPONED  Implementation date - TBD

Over the last several years we have listed the various tasks for which the club requested volunteers to come forward.  While we have had some success in increasing the number of members who complete some volunteer work for the club, we find that either the same people continue to volunteer or the task is completed by one of the Board Members who already give more than enough of their time to the club.

Effective the 2020 season, completing volunteer tasks assigned is part of the membership.  When you agree to the terms of the membership, you are agreeing to participate in the volunteer assignments.  Members will be provided with an option to make a $25 donation to the club and opt out of participation in the volunteer process.

There are two ways to identify tasks which you are willing to complete through the season:

  • You may complete the VOLUNTEER TASK REQUEST FORM below wherein you may identify 4 tasks which you are willing to complete and rank them in order of preference, OR
  • You will be assigned a task when you apply for your membership.


The Executive (Volunteer Coordinator) will post on our VOLUNTEER BOARD at the clubhouse a list of each member of the club who has been assigned a task.  You may or may not be on that list at the beginning of the season.  The list will be adjusted as the season progresses.  Where you have been assigned a task after the initial list has been posted, you will be notified by email of the task assignment which has been delegated to you.


What if I don't want to volunteer?

Volunteering is a condition of your membership.  If you would rather opt out of volunteering you may pay an additional $25 with your membership and you will not be assigned a task.

Why was I not assigned the task that I signed up for?

If you submitted a preference, we will make every effort to assign you your first preference unless that task is no longer available.  

Are the dates/times of the task assigned to me carved in stone?

Dates may or may not be flexible depending on the task.  It is best to discuss this individually with the Volunteer Coordinator.


What if I can't complete the task as I have a conflict on the date?

It will be your responsibility to first notify the Volunteer Coordinator of your conflict and to work with the Volunteer Coordinator to find another member who is either willing to exchange their task or to determine if the task can beassigned to a member who has not been assigned a task.  In either case the Volunteer Coordinator must be informed in order to ensure the volunteer list is updated.

What if I am assigned a task that I don't know how to do?

Most tasks are very straight forward and require little to no specific skill, however some tasks, ie.. running a tournament board may require some instruction.  If you feel you need some instruction or assistance in regards to your assigned task, please let the volunteer coordinator know so as you can be provided with the assistance required. 


What if I forget to complete my task?

Depending on the task you have been assigned, failure to complete the task may or may not have a significant impact.  It is important that all members take steps to ensure that they do not forget.

Why wasn't I assigned a task?

We have more members than we have tasks to be completed.  Tasks are assigned on a lottery basis therefore if you are not provided a task this season, you will be considered first for next season.